Pictures in Search of a Caption


  • Obviously, it had been a while since the Bakersfield barbers union had gone on strike
  • History tells us precious little about Angus Blocher, inventor of the fence post
  • Unfortunately, President Washington’s dentist never noticed the giant hornet’s nest on the filing cabinet
  • During the interview, Geppetto admitted Pinocchio was originally going to be much taller
  • Tonight! On an all-new “Follicular Electrocution!”
  • Deep in the Texas heartland, a young Lyle Lovett carves his first guitar
  • Finally fed up with Microsoft, the software developer decided to make his own operating system
  • Exiled to the garage, the Tour de France competitor again pondered monastery life
  • Looking back, it was rather obvious why Ramone failed to impress the “How To Slice Cheese” judges
  • Well,” mused the immigrant, “that’s the first time I’ve ever been called ‘uppity negro.'”

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