Barry Parham
is the award-winning author of humor columns, essays and short stories. He is a recovering software freelancer and a music fanatic.

is the author of the 2009 sleeper, Why I Hate Straws, his debut collection of humor and satire including the award-winning stories, ‘Going Green, Seeing Red’ & ‘Driving Miss Conception.’

In October 2010, he published Sorry, We Can’t Use Funny, another award-winning collection of general-topic satire and humor, and the more targeted Blush: Politics and other unnatural acts. Parham was back in 2011 with The Middle-Age of Aquarius, a growing-old-but-not-so-gracefully vehicle for the award-winners ‘Comfortably Dumb,’ ‘Snowblind’ and ‘The Zodiac Buzz-Killer.’

Full Frontal Stupidity (2012) is Parham’s 5th collection of humor, satire and observations, and features more award-winning stories, including ‘Skirts vs. Skins’ and ‘Scenes From a Maul.’ He followed up the next year with a brace of collections, Chariots of Ire and You Gonna Finish That Dragon?.Then came 2015’s Maybe It’s Just Me…

The author most recently published his 9th compilation, Winding Down Civilization.

Parham’s work has also been featured in four national humor anthologies:
“My Funny Valentine” (2011)
“Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales” (2012)
“My Funny Major Medical” (2012)
“Ellipsis…” (2016)

can be reached, at the most ridiculous hours, at barry@pmwebs.com.

Humor Collections by Barry Parham

Winding Down Civilization
Maybe it’s just me…
Chariots of Ire
You Gonna Finish That Dragon?
Full Frontal Stupidity
The Middle-Age of Aquarius
Sorry, We Can’t Use Funny
Why I Hate Straws



  1. Hey Barry,
    Really love your work. I actually found your blog via a link from Ankur Mithal’s blog, which he posted in the Humour Writers Group on Linkedin. I also noticed you followed my blog Adventurers Extraordinaire, but I also have another comedy blog The 40yr Old Dad (http://fortyearoldad.wordpress.com), that I would love for you to take a look at.

    I really love you’re writing style and your sense of humour is bang on. Your article on North Korea was killer. What a great concept, with those multiple choice questions added in there. All with such hilarious selections. I’d really like to keep in contact with you. I feel I could really learn a thing or two from your experience.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks, JPB, for your kind compliments! I appreciate that, especially from a fellow writer. I’ll check out your “40” blog, as well. Best of luck with that and all things.

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