Pictures in Search of a Caption


  • Fans reported a loud ‘bang’ just before the blimp embarrassed itself
  • After initial trials, NASA admitted they still had work to do on the first interplanetary condom
  • Reviews were mixed for the Spielberg sequel, ET IT: the Extra-Terrestrial’s Intestinal Turbulence
  • The Pentagon refused to comment as North Korea test-launched its latest weapon, the Intercontinental Ballistic Minnow
  • History tells us precious little about Herman Melville’s original transcript, Moby Richard
  • Near the end of their quest, the Magi were suddenly distracted by an airborne Vatican catechism on birth control
  • As it turns out, Cuba’s promise to “rain cirrus cloud death on America” was a mostly empty threat
  • announces their new “no real hurry” drone delivery system for dead people
  • Faced with an empty weekend schedule, Bill Clinton decides to sleep with everyone in Ohio
  • Need to book a flight because yours just blew up? There’s an app for that!

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