Pictures in Search of a Caption


  • Suddenly, the audience realized Justin Bieber was going to sing again.
  • Barcalounger admitted that sales were off to a slow start for their new Jurassic Park-themed line of recliners
  • Of course, not all children think clowns are funny.
  • Tonight! On an all-new “Hannibal Lector, Pediatric Dentist!”
  • Well, you’d be scared, too, if somebody’s forearm fell into the rollercoaster.
  • Reviews were mixed for the sequel, “Pee-wee’s Great Big Naked Adventure”
  • 9 November 2016. The polls are closed, the votes are counted, and America has a new President.
  • History tells us precious little about Kellogg’s first breakfast cereal, “Okra Krispies”
  • Focus groups were critical in Disney World’s decision to mothball their latest attraction, “Chicago After Midnight”
  • They paroled O.J.?

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