Pictures in Search of a Caption


  • “Mom! Hey, Mom! Have you seen my puppy?”
  • Here in the harsh Australian outback, parents often have to choose a single fledgling
  • “You don’t believe me? Why, it’s raining cats and dogs!” exclaimed Chicken Little.
  • Admittedly, North Korea’s first Chik-fil-A struggled with finding the right menu
  • “Could somebody please get this chicken off my back?”
  • Reviews were mixed for “Childhood Trauma: the Old Yeller Prequel”
  • Social progressives insisted that dogs have every right to identify as poultry
  • Later, the veterinarian confessed that the skin graft might have gone better.
  • Facing flagging sales, Colonel Sanders begins to explore backwater niche markets
  • Tonight! On an all-new “Barnyard Cage Match!”

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