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Introducing Winding Down Civilization, our ninth humor collection!
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Winding Down Civilization

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  1. Congratulations on your 9th child (book)! I did a double-take as I read it until I saw your referenced the “child” being a book! Have the L-26’s, the dual, the technics rec/deck survived the years? Just remembering listening to them by the pool at “O-house” back in 1977-78 at UGA. Just curious about those JBL’s because they are like finding gold on ebay. We should catch up soon.

    (912) 399-6310

  2. A River Named Denial

    As Scotsman living in a foreign land, I loved the funny, and also educated and accurate, account of Scottish life.

    Three comments:

    1. real whisky is spelled ‘whisky’. We leave the misspelled and under-age ‘whiskey’ versions to our Irish and American cousins.

    2. Haggis is highly nutritional, tastes delicious with whisky poured over it and for long has saved a poor nation from starvation. Have you ever seen a sausage being made? (Don’t ask; don’t tell!).

    3. Donald Trump is not half-Scottish – his mother came from the Outer Isles, which were invaded by Scandinavian Vikings who forgot to take their gene pool with them when they went on to discover America. You can tell by his blond hair, blue eyes, tall stature and his liking for raping and pillaging. Real Scotsmen like me are under-sized (to avoid being blown over by the wind), have a little dark Pictish hair and dull brown. haggis-coloured eyes. So blame Norway, not Scotland, for your electoral mistake.

    BTW, Ireland can take the blame for the Clintons – she is not our fault either.

    Keep it up, Barry. I enjoy my weekly smile!

  3. In a news-world dark and dreary, and humorless liberal weary, it is so nice of you to leave me teary from the laughter of your theory!! Love your brain. May it remain, as sharp and keen, as the press is mean!! janet

  4. Hey, Barry! I finally read “finally”. Laughed all the way!

    When you get around to doing a bit on TV commercials, don’t forget about the “but wait” exhortation that seems to always be in there somewhere.

    Keep it up!

  5. You have a GIFT. Your satirist humor keeps me going all week! Whenever I tend to take the world too seriously, I actually think, “now WHAT WOULD BARRY say about this?” Thanks for showing us life doesn’t have to be taken soooooo seriously all the time, AND for having that special tender side for your loved ones, present and past. Thank you….so very much!

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